I’m Amin. I’m a swimmer, a salsero, and a programmer. I am doing a PhD program in Civil Engineering in University of Waterloo, Canada.

My passion is working on new optimization algorithms with focus on uncertainty and solving large-scale engineering optimization problems.

I love learning new aspects of programming.

Since 2009, optimization has always been a major part of my work. From creating ResOS in 2013 which was the first cloud-based optimization app in Water Resource Management (see here), to initiating AnyPLOS in 2012, and to couple of publications suggesting optimization based techniques to save water and energy.

Here is a place to share my work.

Happy to have my 2017 ASCE publication online. This work shows how computationally expensive yet efficient optimization works could potentially save us millions of dollars to design/extend reliable urban water distribution networks.
https://t.co/IBRiTH6kic …
#Optimization #water

After I think 5 years, my website has now a new look. I give up my basic CSS skills to the magics of WordPress

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